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Yoga School restarts after the holidays

Dear Yogvedis,

The Yoga School will restart after the summer holidays on Monday the 9th of August.

The Timetable is as usual on the online booking, there are no online classes anymore as not many were interested this option.

The new quartal will also start on the 9th of August. The details for ebanking are bellow.

CH70 0023 5235 4780 0901 P


Shahid Peer Khan

Kramgasse 78

3011 Bern


I am starting a Yogveda Yogi Program where if you enrol a new Yogvedi and she or he sign for a quartal or a year, you get a 10 percent discount on your yoga Quartal or Yearly yoga fees. If you have any questions about Yogveda Yogi program just send me a mail or ask me directly and i will explain.

There are 2 new videos on the video

Rent the full yoga class for 4.99 chf
Yogveda Flow Twisting


Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Kind Regards

Shahid Khan

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