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Yogveda Fasting Program

Dear Yogvedis,

I am very happy to introduce the new “Yogveda Fasting Method”.

The root of all illness is wrong food, wrong type of food for you and digestion/ metabolism time for you as a person.

Mostly all illnesses can be reduced and gradually eliminated with the new “Yogveda Fasting Method”.

The Yogveda Fasting Method is a combination of:

1. Concluding your body type in Ayurveda through pulse taking and examination.

2. Checking eyes, tongue, face and body and understanding the illness.

3. Recommending the right food accoutring to your “Dosha” Ayurvedic Constitution.

4. Seting up a Fasting program for your specific needs.

5. Special Yoga Asana and Pranayama program specially for you.

6. Follow up till the problem is solved.

I have been testing this new “Yogveda Fasting Method” for some time now and i can confirm that it is very effective.

It can sure and heal most for the illnesses.

I am enclosing a pdf for you to read too.

If you have any questions just answer this mail or to book an appointment just answer this mail.

have a nice day.

Kind Regards Shahid Khan

Yogveda Fasting Method
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