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Yogveda Yoga Class from 06.05.2021 and 07.05.2021 added to Video Library.

Aktualisiert: 12. Mai 2021

Full yoga class on Yogveda Yoga video shop
Yogveda Yoga Bern

Dear Yogvedis,

After working on the Yogveda video shop for a week i have finally got it to work.

Now you can rent the yoga classes form the week for 72 hours for 4.99 CHF only.

I am still working on a solution with the company to offer these classes for free for the Yogvedis who have missed the class.

Asana and Pranayama class combined from 06.05.2021

Yogveda Flow Standing postures class from 07.05.2021

Kind Regards

Shahid Khan

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