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4 New Videos on the Yogveda Yoga Network

Paschima Namaskarasana - Parsvottanasana
Yoga in Bern - Yogveda Yoga Bern

Dear Yogvedis,

The Yogveda Podcast channel is alive now.

On this podcast i will be talking about interesting topics, i will invite guests to share their ideas and a lot more.

There are three new videos on the video library. 1 Yogveda Podcast video, one is a free Paschima Namaskarasana - Parsvottanasana and 2 full Yoga classes.

Watch and practice. If you liked a class in the present, you can rent the class for 72 hours and do it at your pace at home. If you missed a class, rent the class and i will refund the money back to you.

How to begin your Yoga journey. The Yogveda Podcast Free Video

Level 2 Asana and Pranayama class from 13.05.2021

Level 1 Forward extension class from 11.05.2021

Learn Paschima Namsakarasana - Parsvottanasana. Free Video

Something for a rainy day.

The next Yogveda Podcast is- What is the meaning of life?

Kind Regards

Shahid Khan

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