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New Yogveda Flow Class

Aktualisiert: 21. Nov. 2020

December is a time of the year ending, the time for Christmas a time for something new.

Yogveda has something new starting in December too. A new Yogveda Flow class.

Yogveda Flow class is a strong and powerful body-breath work. This dynamic class will make you strong physically, mentally and psychologically.

This New Yogveda Flow class makes Yogveda Yoga complete.

Yogveda Flow will be in three levels for beginners, Yogveda Flow 1, for level 2, Yogveda Flow 2 and for level 3, Yogveda Flow 3.

Yogveda Flow 1 will start on 11th December at 12.15-13.45 and will be on every Thursday as a lunch class and Yogveda Flow 2 on the 12th of December at 12.00-13.30 and will repeat on every Friday. Yogveda Flow 3 will be added soon.

Now Yogveda Yoga offers the following classes.

Yogveda Yoga Asana Class Level 1,2 3.

Yogveda Yoga Pranayama-Meditation Class.

Yogveda Yoga transition class.

Yogveda Yoga Restorative class. Recommended for Pregnant Ladies.

Yogveda Flow 1,2,3.

Yogveda Yoga Workshops

Yogveda Yoga Teacher Training.

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